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classes & tarinings

classes & tarinings

classes & tarinings

classes & tarinings

non professionals


1. beauty interpreter

More and more often international make up artists, PRO Make Up Trainers and Beauty Influencers decide to share their know how by creating events allover the world for sharing with colleagues new techniques and new trainings.

My figure of Make Up Artist and educational Trainer, enriched by the perfect knowledge of italian, english, spanish and french, make sure that i can be the role model for interpreting in the Beauty world. It is fundamental that this kind of interpreter have not only the knowledge of the language but also a very specific vocabulary.

In the last years i had the opportunity to bring into being to this figure by interpreting for the italian Academy of Make Up For Ever that hosts guests from allover the world. Some names: Makka Elonheimo, Corinne Perez, Julio Quijano Sanchez, Silvia Covrig…  

Giulia Papke e Julio Quijano Sanchez

With the Bodypainter

Julio Quijano Sanchez

Giulia Papke e Corinne Perez

With the Make Up Artist & Bodypainter Corinne Perez

Giulia Papke e Makka Elonheimo

With the Make Up Artistry Director for Make Up For Ever Makka Elonheimo




2. pro trainer


The training is the side of my job that let me transmit my passion and the love for this magical profession. I started my career as a Make Up Trainer in 2013 at the Italian Academy of Make Up For Ever, La Truccheria.

I had the priviledge to train hundreds of aspiring Make Up Artists in Italy and Croatia. The main topics are Beauty & corrective make up, Bridal, Fashion, Photographic, Antiage and Camouflage.

Today I continue my carreer as Make Up Trainer thanks to the collaboration with Kripa Venezia and other private academies allover the world.


Do you have an Academy?

Do you have a brand to communicate?

Do you need trainings for your staff?

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